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As I write this address it is my hope that you have been able to take time this summer for vacation or at least relax with family and friends. As summer winds down and another compliance period ends, I and the other board members hope you can attend this last seminar for 2016. NEOMED is always a great venue. This time will not disappoint as we have at least one cadaver to be prepared and other topics I know you will find informative and interesting. As always, if you have a question or idea contact me or our secretary, David G Hicks at 513.384.7846.

See you in Rootstown-


Lynn Zechman
President OEA

Message from the Secretary

Lynn sure writes a nice message. Thanks! As our President stated we are at the end of a compliance period. Please retain your certificates that are passed out at the end of each OEA Seminar, and any other approved event you might attend. In the event you are audited by the Board of Embalmers you will need to submit a copy as proof you earned the requisite 18 hours for licensure. I hope to have dates and places for the 2017 seminars later this year to make planning easier on your part. The website will be updated as well. I can be emailed at or call me at 513.384.7846.

All the best,


OEA contact info: OEA - PO Box 621320 – Cincinnati, OH 45262-1320.
David Hicks 513.384.7846 or